Rainbow Klub is a 2SLGBTQQIA+ and Allies Youth Group that meets at my community center 1 - 2 times a month.  The Rainbow Klub youth group began after I myself attended Rainbow Camp, which is a summer camp geared to 2SLGBTQQIA+ and Allies. I was eager to create a safe space for all youth to feel welcome, become educated, and be themselves here in Sault Ste. Marie. 

Rainbow Klub transforms my fitness facility into a Community Center that is welcome to all youth, typically those from grade 7 - grade 12. Each month I set aside time to plan a variety of events including activities, guest speakers and volunteer work. We often have guest speakers who discuss Queer*and Transgender* topics, sexual education, gender orientation, healthy relationships, substance awareness, mental health, etc. 

My Klub is home to a variety free materials such as, craft/painting supplies, nail polish/face masks, beads/string for bracelet/key chain making, board games, video games, Queer literature, karaoke and outdoor toys (skipping ropes and balls) for all youth to utilize when they’d like. 

In addition, I have taken the initiative to ensure that my community center has proper seating and common areas for all teens to use. For instance, I have purchased gently used and donated couches, chairs, and a dining room table which allow teens to eat, hangout and attend the center comfortably. I have tried to mimic a “home” as many of the youth come from difficult home lives, poverty and sometimes neglect. The Klub becomes a space they know they will receive love, support, a hot meal, friendship and entertainment. Currently, I am applying for non-for-profit status so can offer the space for them to come in every day after school. 

- Katrina aka Koach  aka Ma 



Contact Katrina with any questions, concerns or requests.

Times when Katrina is ill, Rainbow Klub may not run. Feel free to contact Katrina on Fridays to confirm if there is Klub.


(705) 297 - 2489


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